Wardrobe organisation service

If you dream of that Instagram worthy wardrobe, seamlessly organised and designed to suit your precise styling needs every day, our wardrobe organisation service has your name on it. Whatever your situation, there is no wardrobe our specialists cannot revolutionise. Transform and de-clutter even the most disorganised space into a haven of calm and order, so that you can enjoy your clothing and accessories in a more curated way from your own home.


Wardrobe Analysis

Our experts will help you to analyse your wardrobe in detail so that you can decide what should stay and what should go. It is important for our stylists to understand what you want within your capsule wardrobe so that they can make this a reality.

Perfectly organised wardrobe

Perfectly Sorted

We want to understand how you like your items arranged. Our experts will then sort your items by garment, style and colour so that you can easily combine and create outfits with minimal fuss. 

Two women perfectly organising clothing and accessories for a Vault Couture client

Seamlessly Organised

See your own wardrobe, like never before. Next, we will perfectly fold, hang and arrange your items for the boutique feel you’ve always dreamed of. By the end of the process your wardrobe will be de-cluttered, clear and easy to manage so that you can easily combine items and make the most of your wardrobe every day.

A Vault expert neatly wrapping an item in Vault Couture luxury boxes ready for storage

Advice on Your Wardrobe

We will show you how to maximise wardrobe space through organising your wardrobe in a way that is complimentary to your clothing and accessory collection. We can even provide hangers, boxes, suit covers and more should you require.

A tidy wardrobe organised by colour

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