Family Estates and Offices

Whether your team manages one property or multiple properties globally, Vault Estates’ propriety tech platform allows you to have clear visibility of items and can be used to manage, track, inventorise and even calculate the total value of assets. Our platform helps you break down each home's inventory by room, listing each item's location along with a description and photo of that item.

Vault Estates solution is one of the most thorough inventory platforms, allowing you to record a great amount of detail on each of your items. The platform’s advanced search feature helps you locate items with ease, and seamlessly move items across residences.

Vault Estates takes a holistic approach to item management and provides:

We work together to provide the highest level of support to owners, captains and crew members
Vault Estates streamlines communication between the client, the crew and the Estates Office and creates an audit trail of all items.

“Vault Porter’s on-demand storage service has brought efficiency and solved our lack of storage space. Their online platform is easy to navigate and has given us complete visibility of our guest’s belongings.”

John Smith, CEO of Nooneknowscorp

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