Virtual Vault

Your very own digital wardrobe

Our virtual platform is here to revolutionise the way you view and organise your wardrobe. Maximise the return on everything you own through our 360° service accessible 24/7.

    We offer a digital wardrobe experience unlike any other.

  • — See your entire wardrobe in one place.
  • — Search by multiple filters for specific items.
  • — View items by location.
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    We offer a digital wardrobe experience unlike any other.

  • — See your entire wardrobe in one place.
  • — Search by multiple filters for specific items.
  • — View items by location.


An innovative wardrobe management service.

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    Navigate through your digital wardrobe by using multiple filters.
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    Book in additional services including collection and deliveries.
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    Order services including dry cleaning and minor alterations.
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As part of the Vault service we can help you to sell those items you no longer need.

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    A seamless process

    We handle all of the logistics from putting the item up for sale to shipping the item to its new owner.
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    Pricing proposal

    We will prepare a pricing proposal for you and always ensure the re-sale service we use for each item gets you the highest return.
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    Monthly sales report

    We will send you a monthly report so that you can track how your items are doing and what has been sold.
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Choose the clothes storage plan to suit your needs

Our storage facilities are purposely built for the long-term preservation of textiles, clothing items, shoes, bags and accessories. Your items will be stored in pristine conditions in our temperature and humidity controlled.
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* An additional fee will be applied to all returning items to cover the inspection and reporting process. A "returned item" report will be available on a client's online account

Have some questions?

Do you have more questions?

See more in FAQ
  • What can I store with VAULT?

    From couture dresses to your favourite pair of jeans, any piece of clothing or accessory (including fur) can be stored with Vault. Every single one of your items is stored in a temperature-controlled environment, in breathable bags and boxes to ensure that everything remains in pristine condition. The air within our facilities is regularly filtered, removing dust, odour, allergens and mould. Vault Couture offers a general storage solution. Such solutions include a specialised storage facility for non-clothing items, including without limitation household goods and other items. Please see

  • Do you supply hangers and packing materials?

    We provide the highest quality packing materials as part of our service. We also provide boxes if you have ordered them as well as rails, different types of hangers, breathable suit bags and anything else you need to ensure you have the perfect storage facility.

  • Does Vault provide cold storage for specialist items such as furs?

    We have an in-house cold storage facility for your furs, where temperature is between 5 and 10 degrees Celsius and humidity is between 45% - 55% so that your items are completely protected against heat and insect damage.

  • Can I add more items to storage?

    Of course! You can schedule a collection whenever you want to add items to your storage plan. We offer packing assistance and materials.

  • How do deliveries work?

    You can use your personal account to select when and where you want your chosen items to be delivered. You’ll have the option to choose scheduled delivery timeslots. Deliveries could be as low as $30 per each delivery.

  • Can you help me sell my items?

    Through your Virtual Vault you can add any of your items to the boutique section of our site where they are available to be sold.