Hotels and Services Apartments

Vault Porter offers an on-demand storage solution specifically designed for hotels and serviced apartments. Our digital inventory platform enables you to manage and control your guests’ and residents’ belongings at the touch of a button.

Hotels and Serviced Apartments:

Vault Porter offers:

temperature and humidity-controlled storage space
  • Online audit and inventory system
    for your guests’ belongings
  • Deliveries and collections
    within 60 minutes
  • Clear parameters of responsibility for guests’
    belongings amongst a hotel’s staff

Guests and residents benefit from the Vault Group’s holistic approach to item management including international shipments, custom clearance, wardrobe management and insurance.

A Smart Storage Solution

  • 1. Guest checks in
  • 2. Vault Porter deliver guest’s belongings
  • 3. Guest checks out
  • 4. Vault Porter collects and stores guest’s belongings

“Vault Porter’s on-demand storage service has brought efficiency and solved our lack of storage space. Their online platform is easy to navigate and has given us complete visibility of our guest’s belongings.”

John Smith, CEO of Nooneknowscorp

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