Fashion Archiving and PR Agency Solutions

Over the past decade, Vault has serviced the leading fashion brands and PR agencies, helping them preserve and archive their past-season collections and current samples.
We store and manage collections of all sizes and any scale
Every item is precious
Each archival item is meticulously inspected, catalogued, photographed, and packed to ensure the highest level of preservation in our temperature and humidity-controlled facility.
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Range of services
  • img Climate-controlled facilities
  • img Detailed garment inspection
  • img Professional photography
  • img Remote management of garments
  • img Insurance coverage
  • img Local deliveries and collections
  • img International event assistance
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Virtual Vault
The Virtual Vault is an innovative digital inventory platform used by PR Agencies and Fashion Houses providing global access for sample requests, photoshoots, press days, and design inspiration with the touch of a button.
Our Vault team will deliver individual pieces or an entire season to your studio, exhibition, photographer, outlet, or creative director. The system allow you to easily keep track of all your items letting you know who ordered them and where the items are at all times

Vault Couture Studio

vault couture studio
vault couture studio
vault couture studio
vault couture studio