Frequently Asked Questions

What can I store with Vault?

From couture dresses to your favourite pair of jeans, any piece of clothing or accessory (including fur) can be stored with Vault. We pride ourselves in providing a storage facility with a difference. Every single one of your items is stored in a temperature controlled environment, in breathable bags and boxes to ensure that everything remains in pristine condition. What is more, we catalogue all your items so that you are able to see everything you own with one click, through our portal from anywhere you are in the world.

How are my clothes and other items stored?

We provide a pristine environment for your clothing and accessories. The air within our facilities is regularly filtered, removing dust, odour, allergens and mould. 

Do you supply hangers and packing materials?

We provide the highest quality packing materials as part of our service. We also provide boxes if you have ordered them as well as rails, different types of hangers, breathable suit bags and anything else you need to ensure you have the perfect storage facility. All our wardrobe accessories such as hangers and breathable garment bags can also be purchased. Click here to purchase.

How do I know that my clothing and accessories are safe?

Your Vault is always handled by a trustworthy team of individuals (think white lab coats and gloves), who work hard to ensure all of your items are preserved and maintained in the best of conditions. We promise you the highest quality of service at all times and would not dream of letting anything happen to your items. For peace of mind and confirmation, we produce a condition report which details exactly what is stored with us and in what condition as well as any suggested repairs.

Apart from storage, what other services can you offer?

We offer a complete one stop shop platform to all Vault clients. This covers everything from personal styling and wardrobe organisation, insurance, dry cleaning and repairing of your clothing and accessories. We pride ourselves on also offering international delivery of your items anywhere in the world (including a luggage-less travel service) and an exclusive home moving service where we personally assist you to organise and pack everything for your move. Vault also offer a high-quality couture archiving and costume storage for commercial companies and businesses including TV and Film studios. Are you a B2B interested in commercial clothing storage? Click here for more information on B2B Archiving.

Does Vault provide cold storage for specialist items such as furs?

We have an in-house cold storage facility for your furs. To store a fur item costs £13.50 and we include free collection, delivery and breathable packing materials such as bags. Click here for more information on Fur Storage. With regards to fur, a temperature between 5 and 10 degrees Celsius is maintained in our specialist facility. Humidity is also maintained between 45% - 55% so that your items are completely protected against heat and insect damage. We also receive frequent requests to store sporting equipment and bridal couture. This is available on request.

Does Vault provide insurance?

Yes, Vault maintains in-transit and storage insurance against fire, theft and water damage subject to our detail terms and conditions. We can also facilitate itemised all-risk insurance enquiries should this be required for your couture items and high value items.


Initial pick up is complimentary and additional pick ups and deliveries cost £30.

How much notice do I need to give to book a delivery or collection?

At Vault, we make sure that we provide our customers with same-day pick up and deliveries to keep your experience easy and stress free.

Is dry cleaning included in my storage fee?

The cost of your dry cleaning is not included in our service charge. We are affiliated with the most reputable garment care providers and guarantee the highest quality care for all your items through our preferred suppliers.

Can I stop my storing contract at any time?

You can stop a storage plan any time subject to our Terms and Conditions.

Is it possible to visit the Vault storage facilities?

We keep the location of our storage facilities as anonymous as possible and do not allow visitors for confidentiality and security purposes. However, on rare occasions we do make exceptions depending on the nature of your enquiry.

I need a place to store my wedding dress, can you help?

Yes of course. Our team has special training for the handling of wedding dresses, furs and other specialist items.

Can you help me sell my garments?

Through your Virtual Vault you can add any of your items to the boutique section of our site where they are available to be sold