Cold storage with Vault

We specialise in professionally storing fur garments including coats so that they stay in in the very best condition for when you need them.


Why store your furs with Vault Couture?

Correct fur storage is an absolute must during the warmer months of the year. Proper storage is vital to ensure that you preserve your favourite furs. When you store your furs with us, you will also have peace of mind that your furs are protected from theft, sunlight exposure, crowded conditions, and insects which so often disintegrate high-quality fur pieces.

Brown, beige and white fur coats hanging on a rail in Vault Couture storage

The importance of cold storage for furs.

Our highly specialised vaults are kept between 5 and 10 degrees celsius (between 40 and 50 degrees fahrenheit) with humidity levels of 45% to 55%. This temperature and humidity level is ideal for protecting your fur garment from damage while you have it stored away. 

A designer fur jacket on a hanger

With colder temperatures, furs go through the biodegradation process much slower because there is less molecular activity. Therefore, colder (but not freezing) temperatures protect furs from deterioration and drying out.

A women brushing a fur lined jacket at the Vault Couture head office

Fur Storage and Longevity

The longer that you keep your furs in cold storage, the longer they will last. For maximum longevity, keep your furs in storage until it is cold enough outside to begin wearing them. If you currently store your furs at room temperature, then you should definitely consider moving them to a facility that is equipped to handle delicate materials in a specialised and professional way.

A Vault Couture expert cleaning fur carefully with specialist materials