Brand archive service

We offer a comprehensive commercial archiving and storage solution for:

Fashion houses   • Theatres   • Luxury brands with significant inventory   • TV studios & film makers   • Costume stores


A Unique Storage Solution

Our museum quality, climate controlled Vault allows us to store the most delicate and valuable of items immaculately and with care. We can also restore your items if necessary using our in-house seamstress and tailoring team. 

A sneak peak into the Vault couture storage facility

Your Archive, virtualised.

On collection, we meticulously photograph every detail so that you can see exactly what you have in storage with us. Details include colour, brand and material as well as imagery from several angles.

A Vault photographer taking a picture of a dress on a mannequin in the Vault Couture studio

We tag every item stored individually for identification tracking using a bar code system.

Retrieval of items is easy. At any time, your business can access a full archive through the Virtual Vault platform calling on items as and when you need them.

A Vault Couture expert inspecting a designer shoe

Let us help you maximise your brand’s most valuable assets by utilising your rich history. Start archiving now to preserve your items, your collections and your most precious pieces.



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