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How much time do you spend getting dressed every day, stressed about what you’re going to wear at an upcoming event or even on a daily basis for work? A Personal Stylist can help you to maximise your Vault, utilise the full contents of your wardrobe and even employ items long pushed to one side. It’s all about making better use of the clothes you already own by also suggesting new ways to wear them. Our stylists are discreet, professional and exceptionally talented. We understand that exposing your personal style to a stranger can be daunting, but at Vault Couture we guarantee a friendly, approachable service that you will want to use time and time again.



Our talented stylist will have a detailed discussion with you to understand your objectives. They will construct a wardrobe plan to achieve your personal style goals through understanding your preferences when it comes to shapes, size and colour. Our stylist will use this time to get a clear picture of who you are and what that looks like.

A client looking at an Ipad, having a discussion with a Vault Couture stylist


Together you will go through your wardrobe and edit which items should stay and which need to go. You will also create new looks from your existing wardrobe and organise your inventory for easy navigation in the future.  Our stylist is also on hand to advise you on current trends and how you can wear those trends in a way that suits you.

A Vault Couture stylist putting a dress against a client to see how it looks


Following your wardrobe edit and evaluation, our stylist will take you shopping so that you can fill the gaps within your wardrobe inventory. Your stylist is there to suggest and add missing key pieces of clothing or accessories and how to pair them. Through your stylist’s constructive analysis and honest insight on purchases, you will be able to maximise the current contents of your wardrobe but also create the perfect capsule for many seasons to come.

Well-dressed man trying on a suit jacket in a shop with a Vault Couture stylist


Susanna Cohen is an independent and award winning Stylist and Art Director specialising in celebrity, red carpet and VIP private clients.
Susanna was Beauty & Style Director at British Marie Claire magazine for over 15 years and also comments on fashion for television as well as writing for major British broadsheet newspapers.

Susanna Cohen - Vault Personal Stylist


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