Wardrobe check-in, complimentary collection

We believe that using Vault Couture should be simple and stress-free. From free collection to digital outfit curation, here’s a step-by-step breakdown of our seamless process.

  1. Wardrobe Check-in

    Upon arrival at the Vault, each garment is checked in and bar-coded so that we can easily identify them. The barcode attached to your garment is unnoticeable to the untrained eye and serves for identification purposes only.

  2. Complimentary Collection

    We collect your clothing and accessories from your home or alternative pick-up address free of charge. No need to pack your items as our Wardrobe Management team will do all the hard work for you.

  3. Condition Report

    Your chosen garments and accessories are thoroughly inspected whilst we search for any existing flaws. Following this, we produce a condition report, which gives you the opportunity to make alterations or repairs, if required.

  4. Visual Cataloguing

    Once each garment has been checked and bar-coded it is photographed from three angles (front/back/label).

  5. Virtual Wardrobe Set-up

    We upload your wardrobe inventory to your online Virtual Vault account. You will receive an "Inventory Report" for you to verify.

  6. Managing your Wardrobe

    Your virtual wardrobe is accessible digitally 24/7. Log into your account to browse your categorised virtual wardrobe and order additional services such as dry cleaning and international delivery.

  7. Delivery on Demand

    Select the garments and accessories you would like to have delivered, order a delivery and confirm your desired date and time for delivery.



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